Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Mary Crosby Spiers, Alpha Class ‘18

Mary Crosby Spiers, Alpha Class ‘18

Mary Crosby Spiers, Alpha Class ‘18

WHY ADPi??!! Because I found my girls who talk football with me (Anna Rhett), are always down for coffee and ice cream runs (Arlena), send me homemade cookies all the way from Illinois (Sage), make me avocado toast in Barnett (Kendall), and drive out of their way to sit with me after I blew a hole in my tire at midnight (Emily). 

Not only have I been beachin’ it this summer, I have also been in Clemson working Dabo Swinney’s Football camps. I spent most of my time working registration, making sure the water cups were full at all times, and checking to see that the teams were in the right position. It was so fun to be out there getting to serve and watch the campers do what they love and to top it all off, being surrounded by people who love football as much as me can’t be beat. Later on this summer I’ll also be working at Dabo Swinney’s Ladies Clinic, which will be such an incredible opportunity. Clemson summers are the best because there is always so much to do! 

Going through Recruitment really brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about myself in all the best ways. Each round I found myself being most excited about walking through the curtains to ADPi because I felt like I belonged. I could see how genuine each girl was, by the way they comforted and welcomed me — I knew that these were the type of girls I wanted to be surrounded by. One thing that is really important to me is the community that I surround myself with.

I can confidently say that Clemson ADPi has given me a community of girls who challenge me in my faith, push me to be my best self, and love me through it all. Because of these girls, I have seen Christ’s love for us in a bigger and clearer way than I have before, which I think is really special. 

Running home to ADPi on Bid Day to my lifelong friend, Laura Talton, and giving her the biggest hug was such a special moment that I’ll never forget. I was immediately surrounded by a group of girls who welcomed me with open arms and a joyous spirit! 

One of the many incredible things ADPi has given me so far is my best friend and roommate, Arlena. We were roommates freshman year, but the day we became sisters, our bond instantly grew 1000x greater and hasn’t broken since. We are living in Barnett Hall together this year and I am so excited for a second year of dorm life with her. This time we will be surrounded by our sisters! Early this month, we had the opportunity to travel to Nashville for the CMA Festival. It was the best long weekend doing what we do best: jamming to country music all day long and eating lots of good food.

At the end of Recruitment, I was torn between two great sororities but when it came down to it, I know I made the best decision. Now that I look back, I could not have made a better decision for myself because ADPi truly is so special and is the best fit for me. I wouldn’t change anything about my Recruitment process because everything really does work out for the best!

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