Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Jane Janick, Alpha Class ‘18

Jane Janick, Alpha Class ‘18

Jane Janick, Alpha Class ‘18

This summer I’m interning in American Eagle Outfitters’ Corporate Design Office in Manhattan, New York, as a Merchandising Intern in the Women’s Accessories department, which means I get to play a hand in selecting and buying our seasonal product assortments based on trend forecasts and historic sales. I’m so thrilled for this opportunity to be surrounded by peers with similar passions, merchants with insight and experience, and the booming creativity of New York City. Working in fashion has been a dream of mine since I was old enough to open the dress-up box. Although my styles have changed, my infatuation with fashion has not. Although this new season is full of an infinite number of changes and challenges, they’re still all good things. I’m learning to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, stronger in who I am on my own, and more motivated to fight to turn my dreams into a reality. Luckily, I have a sister beside me every step of the way on this crazy journey. Our amazing President, Emory, and I are navigating our way through our little art school dorm room while simultaneously trying to hold our own in corporate offices and enjoy all of the subway and adventures in between. Her work ethic and caring heart are unparalleled; I couldn’t do it without her.

My internship process was actually one of the biggest things that opened my eyes to how truly special our sisterhood is in Alpha Delta Pi. Girls who I hadn’t even told or known super well immediately overwhelmed me with love and support going into and coming out of my final interview weekend at American Eagle. I was floored by how many girls were genuinely rooting for me and cared enough to reach out, cheering me on and following up afterwards wondering how it went. I’d just recently been turned down from a position with another company after a month-long recruiting process and was having a pretty difficult time picking myself up to try again, but with such incredible encouragement from my sisters surrounding me, I knew the Lord had me right where I needed to be, no matter the result on the other end of the phone call. Life always has a funny way of working itself out; at the end of the day, it really is the small moments that plant the seeds that matter most. Small moments like staying up way too late before a test visiting the girls living in Barnett Hall, calling Delaney Dowling on my walk home from work to talk about our days, sharing the dancefloor at a function, or even just catching up with someone I haven’t seen in awhile at chapter, leave me feeling refreshed, seen, and confident in the beauty of the present, even when I don’t have it all figured out.

One of my favorite parts of ADPi has been serving as an officer on the Administrative Team as our Historian which includes writing weekly blog posts sharing the passions, struggles, and successes of our “Shining Sisters” shaping who they are today. I dreamed up this series one day in hopes of creating a deeper community feel in a large sisterhood. Writing these blogs has quickly become the highlight of my week as I get a little insight into the stories behind the sparkle.

In a world of constant chaos, conformity, and competition, raw vulnerability is hard to come by. But that’s exactly what I love most about our chapter: the honest, ambitious, and encouraging aura underlined by common values that drew me to the Zeta Nu chapter of ADPi in the first place. That is what keeps me so proud to wear my letters and call this amazing group of women home. The Bid Day butterflies won’t ever fade.

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