Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Anna Birchfield, Alpha Class ‘18

Anna Birchfield, Alpha Class ‘18

Anna Birchfield, Alpha Class ‘18

Home is when Emily Gaskins gives you the biggest, warmest hug in the middle of Death Valley during movie night, home is when Emily Lenning stays to eat with you just to catch up and hear about your week, home is Hannah Joye making you feel so known at a new college, home is Formal with the best girls ever, home is having countless girls reach out to get to know you when you’re new. Although I have only been in ADPi for a semester, it already feels like home.

My Why ADPi story may look a little different than most. Growing up, my family and I would always visit my grandparents who lived in Anderson, South Carolina, which is about 25 minutes from Clemson so being a part of the Clemson fan base and “all things Clemson” was very common and part of who I was. From the moment I stepped foot on campus I knew Clemson was the place I wanted to spend my college years and the place I wanted to call home. When it was time to apply to colleges, Clemson was the only school I wanted to attend, but I didn’t necessarily have an easy transition. My acceptance was for second semester of my freshman year and I spent the fall semester at Appalachian State University. Being in a sorority was important to me so I decided to go through Recruitment at Appalachian and I am so thankful I went ADPi there because it lead me to the sweetest girls at Clemson. After transferring, I was so nervous to join a new Delta class with new girls who had just built relationships first semester, but Clemson was where I wanted to be.

The girls in Clemson ADPi have been some of the most intentional, welcoming and loving girls I have ever met and I am proud to call them my sisters. I remember feeling so loved and cared for in the first week of attending Clemson because so many girls reached out to me to get to know me. This is when I knew my best friends would be in ADPi. I cannot wait to live on the hall next year so that all of our class can continue to grow closer and make the best memories!

ADPi immediately gave me a group of girls who truly care. These girls truly look out for one another and have the biggest hearts! I am so thankful to be a part of an organization of girls that love each other so much and constantly push each other to be better.

This summer, I will be in Charlotte, NC working an internship with a corporate event/convention center called The Whitehead Manor. I am really excited about this opportunity because my major is Travel and Tourism Management with hopes of one day being an event coordinator. With this being my first internship ever I am so eager and enthusiastic to get started planning and implementing all types of events such as weddings, social and corporate business events! Although this summer has already been so incredible, I am so excited to be back in Clemson for Recruitment in just a few short months!

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