Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Aya Peterson, Alpha Class ‘17

Aya Peterson, Alpha Class ‘17

Aya Peterson, Alpha Class ‘17

Being from a small town in Minnesota, none of my high school friends attended Clemson, the only person I knew was my brother, who was my only family member in South Carolina. I decided to go through Recruitment without being able to name a single sorority or even recognize the letters of the Greek alphabet. I didn’t know anyone who was in a sorority prior to college to ask for advice or a letter of recommendation. I went through Recruitment without any expectations or the slightest clue, quite honestly, about what I was doing.

This turned out to be one of the best experiences for me because I didn’t know anyone yet, so I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Between Pi Chi groups to standing in line chatting with new girls, Recruitment is a fast track to meeting girls that have the potential to be your forever friends.

My first impression of the process was that recruitment was chaotic. Through all the chaos, I found myself wanting to return to Alpha Delta Pi every day. ADPi was the place where I felt most comfortable, but at the same time, I knew this sorority would push me to be my best self. I vividly remember talking with my mom and telling her that if I went ADPi I was confident that I would be pushed to not only do well in school but in acts of service too. This is exactly what I wanted. I pushed myself to succeed in high school so that I could one day hopefully succeed at Clemson. This had been my dream, and I knew that being a member of ADPi would be a crucial part of this journey.

Not only did I think ADPi would push me to success, I quickly realized how I related to the girls I talked to in rounds. From their fashionable outfits to the effortless conversations, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this sisterhood. All of the girls were very welcoming and what really stood out to me was that they remembered me every time I came back. It made me feel valued when I didn’t know anyone or how anything worked. So, all I could do was be myself and I was drawn to ADPi more and more.

ADPi is amazing because we all share commonalities while also being different individually. I love being part of a sorority where I can be my own person while also being similar to the rest of the chapter. It helps you find that close group of girls who are going to be your future bridesmaids. Living in Barnett Hall was a crucial part in finding these girls. I was very hesitant to live on the hall sophomore year, but this ended up being an amazing experience and I found best friends that I would probably not have been as close to without the hall. Everyone is going through a lot of the same things together , so it makes everything sophomore year better. Your best friends are only a door or few doors down the hallway. I will never forget my time in Barnett. The late night conversations in the community bathroom, the frequent visits to Pelican Snowballs and everything in between will always be something that I cherish and take with me throughout my life.

Looking back on these past two years in ADPi has allowed me to recognize how much it has positively influenced not only my college experience but my life in general. Through the ups and downs, this huge support system will be with you all the way. This group of girls is exceptional, driven, and has some of the biggest hearts. ADPi surpassed my wildest dreams and expectations that I had about a sorority.

I am proud to wear these letters and I constantly think about if my daughter one day wants to be in a sorority, I hope she chooses ADPi or a chapter that embodies the same values that Clemson ADPi does. The best is yet to come, and I can’t wait to finish out my time at Clemson and after Clemson with my best friends and sisters.

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