Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Katie Blackwood, Alpha Class ‘17

Katie Blackwood, Alpha Class ‘17

Katie Blackwood, Alpha Class ‘17

Most people leave Clemson in the summer; however, I just keep on coming back! Growing up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and coming to many Clemson events, I always would hear the phrase “there’s something in these hills”. I always knew this to be true; however, now as a student, I realize just how much truth lies within this old saying. Clemson Athletics have been a lifelong interest for my family and I. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all Clemson alumni, so naturally I grew up listening to them talk about their time at Clemson, coming to First Friday parades, and all sporting events. One of my fondest memories as a child was sliding down the hill on a cardboard box where the current West End Zone is. Clemson traditions have turned into personal family traditions, which hold a special place in my heart.

Being so interested in all things Clemson from such a young age, I knew I wanted to get involved once a tiger myself. Recruitment was my launching point. Each time I stepped foot in Alpha Delta Pi, there was something so unique about the girls I met. I felt more and more comfortable each round.   During the Philanthropy round, I got the ability to hear more about the Ronald McDonald house. This was the point that I knew I wanted to go ADPi. My mom was also a Clemson ADPi who later worked at Shriner’s Hospital in Greenville, SC, which is positioned very close to RMH. I not only remembered the many stories she had from her time interacting with families who utilized the RMH but also was able to hear more stories from other sisters about what this sorority has done for the RMH families. From cooking meals or snacks for the families, writing cards for the holidays, and raising money to help with the new addition to the RMH, I could tell ADPi holds the families of RMH in a special place in their heart.  

One of my favorite parts of ADPi was living on the hall this past year with my PC’17! This experience was my absolute favorite part - living feet away from my entire pledge class. Being able to walk from room to room was so fun! I got the opportunity to get to know other girls better since we were all living so close to each other. Being together while getting ready for mixers, crush parties, and formals are memories I will always carry with me. From texting in our group chat to knocking on everyone’s door to see if they had extra shoes or earrings to wear, these girls are part of a family.  Lifelong friends and future bridesmaids were made from having This is Us nights and Bachelor Mondays after chapter to having Secret Santa with one another. This year being the Guard for ADPi has allowed me to grow even closer with the other girls outside of my pledge class. The guard is the person in charge of all things Ritual and helps make ADPi who they are. I have absolutely loved my time in this position and look forward to initiating you girls in to this chapter!

This summer, I will be going back and forth to Clemson each week. My first week out of school was spent interning with Spartanburg Regional Hospital in the Pediatric Outpatient department.  After graduation I want to pursue a master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology. With over 200 hours of shadowing and interning with various SLPs in various settings, I am more determined than ever to follow my dreams of becoming a SLP.  This summer I am also employed as a tutor for Athletic Academic Services at the Nieri Student Enrichment Center. I tutor a variety of classes including ones in Communications, Psychology, Sign Language, and Statistic classes to student athletes. If it wasn’t for ADPi, I would not have this opportunity to be a tutor.  One of my sisters shared this unique experience we could all participate in. There are a few other girls who either work at the front desk at Nieri or tutor the athletes as well! Being able to help the athletes academically so they can excel on the field has been so rewarding, not to mention super fun! Also, I am teaching Barre this summer at Fike Recreation Center and at the YMCA, but you can catch me during the school year teaching at Douthit!  Many of my besties in ADPi come to my classes; it’s always a good time. If you want to work out with some awesome music and some of your favorite people, make sure to grab a sister and swing by my class!

PC ’19 can’t wait for you to join this sisterhood of ours! We will be waiting for you with outstretched arms and an open heart to bring you into the family!

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