Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Arrington Schulz (FRC), Alpha Class '17

Arrington Schulz (FRC), Alpha Class '17

Arrington Schulz, Alpha Class ’17

Formal Recruitment Chair

I will never forget the moment I realized ADPi was my home. After each round of recruitment, I was blown away by the incredible women I met at Zeta Nu and how truly special they made me feel. Each girl was so unique in their personality, involvement, and interests yet there was something truly special bonding them all together. Their excitement and pride for ADPi was something that really shined through during the recruitment process. As a potential new member (PNM), I was a bundle of emotions and filled with confusion entering preference.

While sitting in ADPi’s Preference round, I took a moment to pause, breathe, and think. As time stood still, I knew: ADPi made me feel more than just wanted or liked... they made me feel LOVED. I couldn’t imagine running down to anyone else on Bowman Field the next day.

So of course, in my flurry of realization and happiness I did what any other emotional teenage girl would do and immediately began to cry; little did I know then but that the same girl that handed me a tissue would later become my big sister and best friend. From the moment I ran to ADPi on Bid Day, my life has never been the same. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin, more supported or just plain happy in my entire life.

My favorite thing about our chapter is how our sisterhood fosters drive and passion for scholarship. Academically, I've always been a high performing student but with my chapter encouraging me daily to be the best I can be, I've excelled far beyond any expectations. I have never had more motivation in school and stronger desire for involvement on my own campus. My sisters never fail to impress me with their individual accomplishments and degree of involvement on Clemson’s campus. There are girls in Clemson University Guide Association, Student Alumni Council, Student Government, Freshman Council, IPTAY Student Advisory Board, and I could go on. This year, I have had the privilege of serving my chapter as Formal Recruitment Chair where I work alongside the absolute best Recruitment and Marketing Vice President, Kendall Goedeke. We are both SO excited for Recruitment in August.

Even from the first day of classes as a nervous freshman, I’ve never felt alone on Clemson’s campus. Whether it’s freshman biology class, where the sweet girl I happened to sit next to just so happened to be wearing an ADPi ring, or a friendly face when you’re walking across library bridge. I have also been so lucky to have my big sister, Sallie. I still cry around her consistently, but from laughter instead of Preference round emotional breakdown. I can always count on her for a dinner date and a hilarious story to tell. My favorite experience by far in these past two years has been living on the hall. Spending a year living in Barnett with my Delta class gave me the girls I truly could not live without. I can truly say I have found my “girl gang”. There’s Tatum, the one I can always count on to lift my spirits, give me the BEST advice in any situation or help me with Chemistry.  We all know she’s going to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company someday, or cure cancer, or both. Grace, the girl I consider to be my personal trainer because she never fails to come up with the best workouts, and kick my butt in the Douthit gym. Fun fact: She has completed not only one but TWO Spartan Races. Aya, the future supermodel from Minnesota. Regan, the girl who never fails to make me (or herself) laugh with her jokes. Caroline, the most spontaneous and adventurous person I’ve ever much so that she may just show up in your room at the end of fall semester and tell you she’s decided to study abroad in the spring. Ashlyn, the BEST roommate (#2B3forever). Thank you for always doing my makeup because you’re seriously a certifiable guru. I will truly miss sending each other funny tweets from our beds after we’ve already said goodnight. Logan, the most fun friend to have, and I truly believe we could all use a Logan in our life! Holly, the Clemson native, who is my go-to for veggie sandwich making in Schiletter. Baylee, no better way to describe her than the most fun and loyal girl who I was lucky enough to have as my neighbor. And last, but not least, my future roommates Emma Grace and Kathryn. I truly don’t know if I could handle the summer away from Clemson without 3-way FaceTiming all the time. You both give me so much strength and encouragement when I’ve had a hard week with classes or just life. I’m so excited to take on apartment life with you for these next two fun-filled years.

Because of all that Alpha Delta Pi has given me these past two years, I will forever be grateful and devoted to my chapter. August can’t come soon enough. I am truly blessed with the opportunity to share how incredible Alpha Delta Pi is in my role as Formal Recruitment Chair. My role has made me even more excited to welcome a new group of Alphas with open arms on Bid Day this year! PC ‘19, you are already so, so loved and we are all so excited to meet you! I really cannot imagine how life could get any better, but as they say, the best is yet to come. I can’t wait to take on these next two years with my sisters by my side.

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