Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Grace Dewulf, Alpha Class ‘17

Grace Dewulf, Alpha Class ‘17

Grace Dewulf, Alpha Class ‘17

Director of Social Enrichment

Hey girl! My name is Grace DeWulf and I had the opportunity to go abroad this summer as a part of Clemson’s Microbiology Program in Wroclaw, Poland. While I was there I had the chance to visit Prague, Copenhagen, and Krakow. A day to day schedule consisted of a lecture class, a hands on lab, lots of pierogis (which are little Polish meat dumplings, ugh to die for!), and trips to the four story Zara in the local mall! Each weekend was three days and we explored all day in the beautiful places we went. We saw the John Lennon Wall and St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, the Copenhagen Botanical Garden and the famous Trivoli gardens (ah-mazing greenery), as well as get to experience the salt mines in Krakow! This was such a great experience and I can’t wait to hopefully continue my education abroad in Copenhagen for graduate school. 

This past year I have had the privilege to serve our ADPi chapter as the Director of Social Enrichment. I love my position just as much I love being in ADPi! It has taught me so many things about taking the proper steps in planning events, taking everyone’s ideas into account, and being organized. Planning Black Diamond Formal was probably my favorite part of my experience last year because although planning an event that large has a lot of moving parts, seeing it all come together and everyone having such a great experience is worth all the time and effort. Going into my junior year, I can still say that I am beyond blessed that I chose ADPi and that ADPi chose me. One of my biggest reasons was because of the truly genuine girls that I got to talk to that made me feel like every time the curtains opened I could really be myself. Throughout rounds, ADPi stood out to me because I could tell I was valued and they cared about me. The girls I spoke to had the same interests as me and I could tell that they were driven and compassionate in everything they did. ADPi has made me the best version of myself, because it's truly more than a sorority, it’s a way of life. I can honestly say that living on the hall with every sister in my Delta class has changed my life. I’ve found my ride or dies, my bridesmaids, and my girl gang. College isn’t all peaches and cream and I do not know where I would be without my girls. From going to the gym together for some stress relief to helping me stay focused when I study, everyone was always there for me when I needed it most. My favorite part is getting ready in one room in Barnett Hall with everyone before any big events. Although it’s a little crowded, we always have fun listening to music and just being together. 

I also cannot forget to mention my amazing big diamond sister Sarah, who is someone I constantly look up to and value. As an out of state student, I did not know anyone or anything about sororities in Clemson and on Bid Day I ran down to her and she became my first life-long friend in ADPi! Two years ago, we went to Honduras together on a humanitarian trip and without her I do not think I would have gone and had some of the amazing experiences I did. I am so thankful for all that ADPi has done for me in my life and it has shaped me into the person I am today. BOOM BOOM! 

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