Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Carly Grace Bodge, Alpha Class ‘18

Carly Grace Bodge, Alpha Class ‘18

Carly Grace Bodge, Alpha Class ‘18

Hey y’all! My name is Carly Grace Bodge!! I’m a nursing major from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, here to introduce myself and share with you why ADPi is so special to me! Going ADPi is the best decision I have ever made, hands down. But first, let’s side track with what I’ve been up to this summer! Aside from waitressing at River City Cafe in Myrtle Beach trying to save up all my money, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to the “Aloha state”. Traveling is a major obsession of mine, I literally cannot get enough of it. This trip to Hawaii opened my eyes in so many ways and allowed me to realize just how amazing and diverse our country is. I saw waterfalls and beyond beautiful beaches, jumped off large cliffs, rode in a helicopter over all the islands, went scuba diving, and of course soaked up some sun! This trip will definitely be one that I will never forget. 

 Okay, now, back to ADPi. I have always dreamed of being a member of ADPi since I could even remember. My aunt, who’s also one of my closest friends, is an ADPi. When I was younger, I always remember admiring the bond she had with her sorority sisters and their classy composers and lively personalities! These factors always stuck out to me. I was dying to have that connection with a group of girls like she did. While going through Recruitment I looked for that in the girls I spoke to. All I have to say is that Clemson ADPi swept me off my feet! Let me tell you, I met the most genuine, honest, sweet, and hilarious girls through rounds -- I knew immediately I wanted to be apart of this amazing chapter.

I strive to have friends that I genuinely feel like I can be myself around 24/7, girls that make me feel like I'm at home. I can confidently say ADPi fulfilled my desires.

Knowing that academic success matters to me also affected the way I perceived the sororities at Clemson. With the highest GPA among Clemson Panhellenic, I was confident that Clemson ADPi would push me to excel in my academic pursuits. Clemson ADPi’s community is the best, because they hold you accountable, push you to excellence, provide a GREAT support system, give you the best girls to continuously goof around with, and have the MOST FUN with!!!

I am so lucky to say that my dream came true and ADPi chose me back. The first year at Clemson is definitely going to be an adjustment for you and anyone honestly; but being with a group of amazing girls helps tremendously. It’s crazy to think that I didn’t know these girls that I call my best friends a year ago, but hey that’s what sisterhood is! I have had countless laughs, breakdowns, gym dates, study sessions, etc. with these girls in my Alpha Class that I wouldn’t change for the world. I promise ADPi will give you your girl gang for life! I am now going into my sophomore year at Clemson, and I could not be more excited to live in Barnett Hall and start making more unforgettable memories with all my ladies! Go ADPi—and I promise you’re setting yourself up for the best four years + forever. BOOM BOOM BABY!!!!!

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