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Joanna Lilly, Alpha Class ‘16

Joanna Lilly, Alpha Class ‘16

Joanna Lilly, Alpha Class ‘16

Hi! My name is Joanna Lilly and I am a senior finance major from Annapolis, Maryland. This summer, I am working for L'Oréal in New York City. I am a finance intern for their skincare line, Kiehl's, one of the many brands owned by L'Oréal! Living in NYC has been such an amazing experience for me. There is truly nothing like living in a big city; one where literally anything and everything you could ever want to do, eat, or see is just a short walk from your apartment. Not only do I love the city itself, I also love my job. Often times, finance gets labeled as boring or routine; however, I have found that within a creative brand and exciting work environment, that is simply not the case. Whether it’s launching a new product, riding on the company float in the World Pride parade, or sitting with seasoned professionals discussing their career and company, L'Oréal never fails to keep me on my toes! I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer spent in this city, and I am lucky to have such a wonderful group of girls to return to next month at Clemson!

 I can’t believe it has already been three years since I started college and became an ADPi at Clemson - two of my best decisions to date! Coming from Maryland, I only knew one person from home who was making the trip to Clemson with me. When I decided to go through Recruitment, I had no idea that joining ADPi would give me some of the greatest friends in the world (not to mention the best functions and the most amazing philanthropy to support).

Every day I am surrounded by the ultimate girl bosses – from future CEOs to nurses to politicians and everything in between. I am constantly in awe of the dynamic group of girls that makes up ADPi and am so lucky that I ran home to them freshman year!

Beyond the friendships, ADPi offers so much more! There are so many leadership opportunities within the layers of any organization, and ADPi does a wonderful job of distributing these leadership roles to as many members as possible. This year, I serve on the Executive Committee as Finance Vice President, something that enriches not only my sorority involvement, but also my knowledge and background of finance outside of ADPi. It even helped me land my internship this summer!

As much as I am dreading it being my last year at Clemson, I am so excited to be back with everyone and welcome home all of our new sisters on Bid Day (AKA the best day of the year)!!

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