Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Georgia Garner, Alpha Class ‘18

Georgia Garner, Alpha Class ‘18

Georgia Garner, Alpha Class ‘18

Hey guys! I’m Georgia! I am a sophomore Psychology major and English minor from Charleston, S.C here to tell you a little bit about me! Growing up, I have always loved children and knew I wanted to work with kids when I got older. This summer, I was one step closer to my dream when I participated in a shadow program under a child life specialist in Omaha, Nebraska at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. During the shadowing session, I studied under the wing of Pediatric Oncology which allowed me to see the most inspiring stories of resilience and love. When making our rounds, I saw first hand the realities of the world we all live in and learned to truly appreciate people that make the world a better place. Through this experience, I gained a better perspective of the world and a greater passion for child life.

As a senior in high school, I was on the Junior Board for the Ronald McDonald House in Charleston. When volunteering at the house, I met so many families who were either affected by cancer personally or through a loved one. After learning that ADPi’s philanthropy is Ronald McDonald House Charities, I took a special interest in them during Recruitment! 

Throughout Recruitment, I truly felt how genuine the girls in ADPi were and how proud they were to be a part of ADPi. Before walking into each round I felt nervous, but as soon as I started talking to an ADPi I immediately felt welcomed and at ease. It seemed as though I connected to each girl I spoke with, especially my soon to be Big Diamond Sister (love you, Victoria)!!

At the end of Recruitment, it wasn’t one particular person, one particular conversation, or one particular day that led me to ADPi, it was each round and every person that made me feel confident when finally running home to ADPi on Bid Day. 

Each girl is funny, passionate, and allows me to express my true self. Within ADPi I have found like-minded, compassionate, smart, and kind people that not only make Clemson a better place but also give back to their community in the same ways. I believe that the way we hold ourselves accountable to be the best versions of ourselves is what sets ADPi apart from other sororities. All of my sisters are so supportive of my aspirations and always inspire me to step outside of my comfort zone. 

Transitioning to college and moving away from home is, of course, a difficult season of life, but the people I met through ADPi make Clemson feel more and more like home each and every day. My involvement with ADPi supported me through my first year away from home, allowed me to meet more amazing people than I ever imagined, and taught me to always strive to be the best version of myself! Go ADPi -- you won’t regret it!!!

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