hey PNM’s… are you ready for RECRUITMENT?!

It’s been such a sweeeet summer — busy with summer internships, studies, travels, + tans — but we are beyond ready to be back in Tigertown with our sisters oh SO SOON!!

Formal Recruitment is right around the corner and WE. CAN’T. WAIT. to meet all 1,265 of you! WOW! We have a record breaking number of PNMs this year and we are so excited to expand Clemson’s Greek community. We want to thank two sistas in particular, Kendall Goedeke, our Recruitment + Marketing Vice President, + Arrington Schulz, our Formal Recruitment Chair! They have been absolutely killing the game, working SO HARD all year + all summer long, to plan and perfect all the details of Recruitment. Kendall + Arrington, we couldn’t do it without you ! ! ! 

We kicked off our summer #whyADPi blog series with Arrington and why she chose ADPi and now want to wrap up the summer hearing a little from Kendall... Read below for a word and some recruitment tips from the girl herself!

Kendall Goedeke, RMVP (Alpha Class ‘17)

Kendall Goedeke, RMVP (Alpha Class ‘17)

Hi y’all + HAPPY (almost) RECRUITMENT WEEK! My name is Kendall and I serve as the Recruitment and Marketing Vice President for ADPi. To say that I am excited for this upcoming week is such an understatement. Our entire chapter has been working so hard all spring and summer to make this the best week for all 1,260 of you PNMs going through the recruitment process this year, and we cannot wait to share all the “ins and outs” of our sisterhood with you! WE ARE SO PUMPED.

For me, I could tell that there was something different about ADPi from the moment I walked in their first round as a PNM. The conversations were more meaningful, the girls were more personable, and the energy in the room was unlike any other. Round after round, I saw qualities in every ADPi I spoke with that embodied the woman I wanted to become. These girls were poised, confident, involved, passionate, wise, and kind - all things that I aspire to be. I could picture myself fitting in with the girls I met and found myself wanting to be a part of this group more and more as the week went on. Fast forward two years later and every single day, I am so thankful that I chose Alpha Delta Pi and am blessed by the ways that this chapter has shaped my Clemson experience. My desire for each and every one of you potential new members is that you find YOUR place that makes you feel as loved, encouraged, and challenged as ADPi does for me.

Below are my TOP 10 RECRUITMENT TIPS to help you find just that place  - so sit back, relax, and (hopefully) get inspired and excited! 

  1. BE YOURSELF. I know everyone and their mother tells you this, but it is the most important thing you can do during recruitment. You are incredible just the way you are, so show that to everyone you meet and you’ll end up exactly where you’re meant to be.

  2. Take notes. Grab a fun pen (mine would be pink) and a fun notebook and write all your thoughts down after each party you visit. Trust me, after 5 days of talking to what seems like a million girls, all of your conversations will blur together. You want to remember key things that stood out to you about each chapter so you can feel confident about your decisions each day.

  3. Prepare the best recruitment bag of all time. Pick your favorite purse/tote and pack it full of snacks, mints, lip gloss, a hair brush, extra deodorant, water, your fun pen and notebook, and anything else you need to feel confident during rounds!  

  4. Wear comfy shoes… your feet will thank you after long days walking around LittleJohn Coliseum. 

  5. Take some time to de-stress and unwind after rounds. Whether that’s hitting the gym, going on a walk with your new roomie, or eating dinner on Bowman Field, it is SO important to take your mind off of recruitment for a little so that you can be your happiest self all week. 

  6. Think about the person you want to be in 4 years. Seriously! Picture the girl you dream of becoming, and look for these qualities in the sorority women you’ll meet this week. Who do you feel will push you to become this person? What chapters do you find yourself looking up to the girls you talk to in?

  7. Call your mom. One because she already misses you terribly, and two because she knows you better than anyone. Let allll of your feelings and thoughts out to her (or anyone who is removed not a part of Clemson Greek life). Use this person as a sounding board throughout the week if you ever feel confused or if you just need to hear a “you’re killing it” or a “you’re doing great, sweetie.” 

  8. Talk to the other girls in line with you. You never know, maybe the girl standing behind you from a town you’ve never heard of will turn out to be one of your sisters soon! And even if that doesn’t happen, you’ll have a familiar face that I promise you’ll see on campus sometime over the next few weeks. This Clemson Family that everyone talks about is REAL, people, so start building yours this week.

  9. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. We want to get to know you, what you love, what you’re interested in, and so much more. So show us all of YOU! Don’t be too concerned with trying to talk about all the “right things” either. Some of the best conversations I had during rounds were the totally random ones!

  10. ENJOY IT. This process is unlike any other that you’ll go through in your life, and although it can be exhausting and overwhelming, it is even more rewarding in the end. So cherish it and HAVE FUN with it! 

I truly cannot wait to see all 1,265 of y’all on Wednesday and want nothing but the best for you throughout this process! Know that ADPi is rooting for you, cheering you on, and so beyond excited to see what this upcoming week has in store. Let’s do this thing!!!

That's a wrap on summer break for Zeta Nu! Formal Recruitment is right around the corner + we are so excited to see you! Until then, make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more about what we’re up to!