APRIL: ADPisland + Philanthropy Events


For Zeta Nu, April has been full of big events! From ADPisland to our spring football game to two philanthropy events, we have kept busy and have enjoyed our last month of school before the summer! Read this post to hear from our sisters and learn more about everything that we did in this past month.


ADPisland is our annual two-day function that takes place in April! The first night was more dressy and was held at Palmetto Ridge Event Facility and the second night was "Shipwrecked" theme and took place at Sauced in downtown Clemson. 

"I really enjoyed planning ADPisland this spring because it was one of my favorite events last year as a freshman! I'm from Charleston, so I obviously love a good beach theme and got to tie my hometown roots into our tropical island themed date function. My favorite part of planning ADPisland was choosing the decorations! I bought beach balls, leis, grass skirts for the tables, and even set up a DIY photo booth with props. It was so rewarding to see everyone having fun at the event and knowing that my hard work had paid off for the entire chapter. I love being Director of Social Enrichment because I get to see everything I plan and orchestrate come to life as the girls enjoy the great food, the company of their sisters, and dance the night away." -Mairin Noonan, Director of Social Enrichment, Alpha Class '16

“My favorite part of the first night was the food! I absolutely loved the mac and cheese, I'm still thinking about it. I had a ton of fun the second night because my husband, aka DJ Sha was there! I think my friends and I stayed almost the whole time because we were honestly having so much fun!” -Pi Chi

New ClemsonLIFE Executive Board Members

We are so proud of our three sisters who got elected onto the ClemsonLIFE Executive Board! The ClemsonLIFE program at Clemson is designed for students with intellectual disabilities who desire a postsecondary experience on a college campus. We are so proud of these three and their dedication to this amazing organization. Read below to see their new positions and insight on the ClemsonLIFE program.

Caroline Brazell: Workout Buddies Coordinator, AC '17

“My favorite thing about ClemsonLIFE is getting the opportunity to meet so many amazing people! I love how ClemsonLIFE gives students the opportunity to create lifelong friendships with some of the happiest, most genuine, and sweetest people on campus!”

Bailey Allen: Treasurer, AC '16

“I am extremely excited about being a part of the ClemsonLIFE program and having the opportunity to work with these students and help plan all of their events. They are such a special group and I love getting to interact with them!”

Cassidy Lindler: Recruitment Coordinator, AC '16

“My favorite thing about being involved with the ClemsonLIFE Program is hanging around the students and feeling their joy and enthusiasm every day. There’s not a day that I don’t end a conversation with one of them without a smile on my face!”

Hoops + Hogs

On April 13th, we had our annual Hoops + Hogs basketball tournament to help raise money for the Greenville Ronald McDonald House. Each member of our chapter had to raise money and sign up a team of three boys to play in the tournament. This event was held at the Clemson Rec Center and with the help of our Philanthropy Chair, Heather Hufnagel, we were able to raise over $10,000 for RMH!

“Hoops and Hogs was very rewarding! It was a lot to put together between paperwork, getting the BBQ and T-shirts, and organizing teams, but I’m so glad it ended up being successful. My favorite part was the day of the tournament watching all the teams having fun and seeing it all come together. It was stressful at times, but it was worth it to see people enjoy themselves at the event as well as our chapter raising over $10,000 for the Greenville Ronald McDonald House!” -Heather Hufnagel, Philanthropy Chair, AC '16

Spring Game

We were so excited to be back in Death Valley on April 14th for the spring game! We had sisters involved in many different aspects of the game, from cheering in the stands to cheering on the sidelines to helping the football team. Three of our sisters, Caroline Cavendish (President, DC '15), Pi Chi, and Laura Talton (AC '17) are involved in Tiger Pride, which is a small group of Clemson students that serve as student recruiters. 

"The spring game is probably the biggest weekend of the year for Tiger Pride! On Saturday, we had over 100 recruits from around the country come to watch the spring game and check out our facilities. We serve as ambassadors for the University, giving tours of the complex and answering any questions about Clemson. We get to hang out with the prospects and their family members before the game, as they eat lunch and get to know the members of our staff. We then lead the prospects to Death Valley on the sidelines and to their seats as the game begins. Talking with the families is my favorite part of the job because I know they feel much more relieved when they know more about where they might be sending their sons off to school and have more familiar faces there. When a prospect commits and you have gotten to know the family well, it is so exciting to share that Clemson experience!” -Pi Chi

JLF Golf Tournament

In August of 2001, Jennifer Farrell, a sophomore ADPi, was on her way back from ADPi Spirit Weekend when she passed away in a fatal car accident. For the past 15 years, Jennifer’s friends and family have worked with ADPi to organize a memorial golf tournament in her honor to raise money for a scholarship fund to grant to a student going to Clemson from Jennifer’s high school in Georgia. We have had the honor and privilege to help the Farrell's organizing, planning, and running the tournament for 15 years, but the Farrell’s have asked ADPi to take over. Starting next year, we will be running the tournament with 70% of the proceeds going to our philanthropy, The Ronald McDonald House, and 30% of the proceeds going towards Jennifer Farrell’s scholarship fund. We are so excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to continue to honor Jennifer while also supporting the Ronald McDonald House.

"This event is very important to our chapter because it exemplifies how important sisterhood is to our chapter and that our sisterhood isn’t just for four years, but forever. It means so much to us to be able to continue Jennifer’s legacy and support her friends and family through all these years. Being the JLF Chair meant so much to me as I worked directly with the Farrell’s and saw just how much this tournament and ADPi means to their family. They would tell me that "in their mind, Jennifer is still 20 years old and we are forever her pledge class sisters." Hearing that really put into perspective how much of a sentimental and emotional value this tournament has and it is truly a privilege to be a part of such an amazing event." -Callie Stewart, JLF Chair, AC '16

And with that, April is over and exams are here! Summer is right around the corner and you won't want to miss out on everything that we are up to. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more of our sisterhood and to know when our next blog post is up!