Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Cameron Gaubert, Abby Palmquist (AC '16)

Cameron Gaubert, Abby Palmquist (AC '16)

First of all, HAPPY SUMMER! Our chapter values the summertime because it is a time to gain experience, reflect on the past year, prepare for the upcoming one, and have a fun break from school! Over the next few months leading up to recruitment, some of our sisters are going to share their summer experiences in addition to what made them decide to go ADPi. We can't wait to share more of our sisterhood with you! Read below to hear what our Formal Recruitment Chair, Abby Palmquist, has to share!

Abby Palmquist, Formal Recruitment Chair, AC '16

This summer I am interning with Blush Nutrition, a private-practice dietetic wellness program specializing in women’s health and nutrition. For this internship, I work on marketing campaigns through social media, calculate nutrient data for various foods, and taste-test new recipes and restaurants, which is by far my favorite part! I’m a Food Science and Nutrition major with a concentration in dietetics, so this internship has been the best experience to grow my knowledge and love for nutrition! When I’m not interning, I’ve been busy working on all things recruitment. I could not be more excited for August because recruitment is by far one of my favorite aspects of ADPi, which is why I wanted to be our chapter’s Formal Recruitment Chair!

As a Potential New Member, I knew that I wanted to go ADPi because I was confident that the girls in this chapter would support me, help me strive for success, and become my best friends. The Zeta Nu chapter is truly something special because it is filled with some of the most passionate, driven, and loyal girls I’ve ever met. Becoming an ADPi is by far the best decision I’ve made during my time at Clemson. This chapter has given me a home away from home, and there is nothing better than knowing that I have 200 of my closest girlfriends to come back to in the fall and recruit the best new pledge class with!

That's it for our first Sister Spotlight / Why ADPi of the summer! Make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more of our sisterhood and to know when our next blog post is up!