Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Danielle Quinn + Mary Catharine Mauney (AC '17)

Danielle Quinn + Mary Catharine Mauney (AC '17)

Danielle Quinn, AC '17

First things first, I love Clemson. And I could go on and on for a good amount of time about the all the reasons I love Clemson. But it really comes down to one thing -- Clemson feels like home. This summer I got to share all the reasons why I love Clemson with the first year students that came to Clemson New Student Orientation. As an Orientation Ambassador (OA), I did a lot of different things from helping students struggling with homesickness, explaining where the Hendrix Student Center is located all day everyday, helping students figure out their class schedules, to personally putting together hundreds of student’s packets and nametags. But before I could do any of this, my summer as an OA started with training, when I moved back to Clemson at the end of May. Through this, I learned skills about how to make Clemson students feel welcome and included no matter their background, but also how to perfectly fold a tablecloth (hey, life is about balance, right?). Then, two weeks later, the summer sessions of Orientation started and before I could blink the last session was quickly approaching and I didn’t want it to end.

One of my OA team leaders always told us to have a solid reason why we were helping the first year students. So in my complete exhaustion of waking up at 6 am after working until 11pm the night before, each time I saw those nervous first year faces turn into smiles, I knew that was why I was an OA. Because I believe that Clemson is where home isn’t necessarily a place, but a group of people -- the Clemson family. And I think that being a Clemson student is all about finding your people. So if I could make even just a few of the first year students feel like they found a friend, found a resource, or even found a way to make friends, then they are well on their way to being welcomed into the Clemson family. Sometimes in my freshman small groups, one of the questions I got asked was, “What is your favorite thing about Clemson?” This question is a no brainer for me. The people. The people are truly what make Clemson what it is -- they are what makes Clemson feel like home for so many of us.

So if you’re reading this and you’re a first year student, I hope you didn’t forget my word of advice! And if you're not a first year, here it is: watch more Clemson sunsets than Netflix. And here’s an extra pro-tip: if you can do both of these with your sorority sisters, they are way more fun, trust me. Because second of all, I love my sorority. And I love my sorority because from the moment I walked into each of the ADPi rounds during recruitment, I felt like I was at home. During my conversations at recruitment, I found ADPi to be a group of girls who were compassionate towards helping others, strong leaders of Clemson, and always ready to laugh and be themselves. In ADPi, I have found a group of girls who are the real deal and are some of the most selfless people I have met. One of my favorite things about ADPi is how everyone finds their “go to girls”-- those friends who are always ready to grab a latte, to jam to old throwback songs in the car, to stay in all day for a Christmas movie marathon, or to cheer on the Tigers every Saturday at football games. My sisters have encouraged me to pursue what I’m passionate about, whether it was being an Orientation Ambassador, tutoring through Athletic Academic Services or leading an FCA small group and being on an outreach team. Overall, in ADPi, I have found some of my sweetest friendships because ADPi is a place where you meet your own Clemson family. I am beyond thankful to not only have ADPi and a group of girls who make Clemson feel like home, but also to have been an Orientation Ambassador and to have been able to help other students feel like they are home at Clemson.

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