Recruitment + BID DAY 2019!


Happy back to school! We want to take a little time to recap our start to August… we’ve had some time to settle into school and start to get to know our new Alphas, so we wanted to reflect on this year’s recruitment and share the experience with you! Zeta Nu welcomed 89 new members into our chapter on August 19th and WE ARE SO EXCITED! Scroll + continue to read all about our Spirit Weekend, the week of Recruitment, and of course, BID DAY!

Spirit Weekend + Recruitment Details

Our chapter came together and prepared to meet all 1,265 Potential New Members (PNMs) the weekend before rounds started. Led by our Recruitment and Marketing Vice President (RMVP) Kendall Goedeke and Formal Recruitment Chair (FRC) Arrington Schulz, we practiced cheers and conversations for the upcoming week.

Kendall Goedeke (left) + Arrington Schulz (right)

Kendall Goedeke (left) + Arrington Schulz (right)

Kendall Goedeke, RMVP, AC ‘17

Looking back on this year’s recruitment process, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and humility. From the first day of Spirit Weekend all the way through preference round, our entire chapter came together and absolutely killed it! Everyone was so positive and encouraging, but most importantly we had FUN. I am SO proud of the recruitment team and all our girls who worked so hard all week to get our new Alphas. Special shoutout to Arrington (our FRC), all of Exec, our fabulous seniors, and all of my sweet friends for every hug, green tea, and words of encouragement during the past few months...I can’t say thank you enough!

For me, the most rewarding thing about this entire process was spending 8 months planning, training, and preparing for August and then seeing all the hard work pay off with the BEST 89 new members! Our new Alpha class is filled with inspiring, smart, accomplished, and driven women who are more beautiful on the inside than they are on the out (which is hard to believe because they’re all so! dang! cute!). I fully believe that recruitment sets the tone for the chapter for the entire year, and I’m so motivated by the results and the momentum that we have going for us. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a gooooood one!

Zeta Nu, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for making this experience the greatest. XOXO”

Special shoutout to our FRC, Arrington Schulz, for making our rounds look absolutely AMAZING!

BID DAY ! ! ! BEST DAY ! ! !

BID DAY was the BEST DAY! This year’s theme was “We Got a Really Big Team” and oh how true that is! WE WELCOMED HOME 89 ALPHAS AND WE ARE BEYOND HAPPY. We really do have a really BIG team! Our Bid Day committee put together the whole day and planned the best afterparty for everyone. We danced and celebrated the night away right in Death Valley at the West End Zone Club. Enjoy hearing from three of our new Alphas and seeing all of our pictures below!


Anna grace richie, sophomore

“There is something so special about ADPi! Running home to a group of such loving and supportive girls could not have been more exciting! It was the sweetest day!!!”


hannah hancock, freshman

“Honestly, I’ve always dreamed about being an ADPi since I was little and could hear my mom cheering all of the chants. When I opened my bid I felt so at home. My roommate and I were the first girls to arrive at Barnett, and nobody knew we were coming. Although it was hectic, that made it that much more fun. As we were all painting our faces and decorating each other in glitter, I caught myself smiling literally the whole time and I knew I was in the right place.”

linsey sykes, freshman

“When I got my bid I was so excited! I could not wait to be surrounded by a group of girls who I knew were going to be my best friends and would hold a special place in my heart! I immediately felt so welcomed and overwhelmed with love and I knew I was in the right place!”


Last but not least, we’re SO happy to have our sistas back from PI CHI LAND!! Shoutout to all these lovely ladies: Lauren, Faith, Danielle, Hannah, Ashley, Lauren, Sophie, Anna, & Lucy!!

Lauren Stambaugh, AC ‘16

“Being a pi chi was such a great experience! I was able to meet so many great girls across the entire Panhellenic community as well as pour into the potential new members. Although I greatly enjoyed my time in pi chi land, I was beyond excited to come back home to ADPi on bid day and see all of my best friends again!!”

Danielle Quinn, AC ‘17

“Being a Pi Chi was so great because seeing my girls happy was what I think Recruitment is all about. Just being able to love my group of girls through process of Recruitment was so rewarding.”

That's a wrap on all things Recruitment! We are SO thankful that we had such a great experience and can’t wait for next year! Make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more of our sisterhood this upcoming year and to know when our next blog post is up!