October + November Recap

Erin Rose (AC ‘16), Julie Nierstedt (AC ‘15), Caroline Cavendish (AC ’15), Peyton Roach (AC ‘16), Bridget Hicks (AC ‘17), + Alexis Kiriakides (AC ‘17)

Erin Rose (AC ‘16), Julie Nierstedt (AC ‘15), Caroline Cavendish (AC ’15), Peyton Roach (AC ‘16), Bridget Hicks (AC ‘17), + Alexis Kiriakides (AC ‘17)

The past couple months have been so busy here in Clemson between classes, football season, events on campus, and big events for Zeta Nu! Read below for more details on a few of our chapter’s main highlights from October and November.


During the beginning of October, our newest pledge class completed all three Diamond Days and became Delta members. We are so excited that they are finally official!

Eva Grace White + Charlotte Anne Beers (AC ‘18)

Eva Grace White + Charlotte Anne Beers (AC ‘18)

Caroline Alford, Ac ‘18

“Initiation was a big exciting moment as a freshman here. I finally got to become official in a place that already felt so much like home with people that have become even more important. It was even more special to have my older sister be the person that initiated me into the sorority and that gave us a bond that cannot be matched by that I have with any other ADPi. She is an amazing role model within the chapter as a strong leader for Zeta Nu. I feel proud to have her as a sister in both respects.”

Charlotte Anne Beers, Ac ‘18

“Joining ADPi has shaped such a huge part of my semester and has been the most incredible experience of building community in my pledge class and learning from the coolest girls in the pledge classes above me. ADPi has given me so many opportunities to love and be loved by so many amazing people! My big sister Danielle has also been one of the most incredible blessings this semester and I’ll never be able to express how thankful I am to ADPi for giving me her! From sharing the same order at Moe’s and Panda, to so many fun times together, Danielle has not only been my mentor but also one of my best friends.”

Georgia garner, Ac ‘18

“It was so fun to see everything all decked out and my big dressed up. It was so fun to learn all the ritual. It was also cool to see all of the graduated ADPi’s and moms come back to initiate us. After initiation, my big sister Victoria gave me a letter my family wrote me, along with my ring and it was so special. After that we went back to her apartment and she gave me my bundle of clothes, paintings and stuff that she had collected for me. It was such a fun day and a good feeling to finally be a part of something I had learned about for months!”


“I absolutely loved semi, it was so fun getting to dress up and dance with friends! I loved how the majority of our pledge class got together to take pictures as a big group!!” -Hadley Dowdle, AC ‘18

“I had a lot of fun at semi!! Semi is by far one of my favorite functions so far. I loved how the venue was something fun and different and I loved how they had arcade games for us to play, which was a huge hit among our dates! It was also the first big function of the year which made it something I really looked forward to.” -Victoria Entsuah, AC ‘17

Officer Elections

THANK YOU to all of our officers who served our chapter last year, and congratulations to our newly elected officers listed below!

President: Emory DeVolder

Executive Vice President: Sarah Reynolds

Recording Secretary: Caroline Alford

Corresponding Secretary: Izzi Boomhower

Historian: Jane Janick

Membership Education Vice President: Sallie McLeod

New Member Coordinator: Mary Kathryn Corley

Guard: Katie Blackwood

Sisterhood Chair: Laura Talton

Leadership Chair: Laurel Williams

Alumnae Relations Co-Chairs: Mairin Noonan and Kendall Alford

Recruitment and Marketing Vice President: Kendall Goedeke

Formal Recruitment Chair: Arrington Schultz

Dance Chair: Josie Phillips

Recruitment Information Manager: Sarah Reynolds

Public Relations Chair: Elizabeth Jones

Social Media Co-Chairs: Natalie Dowling and Arlena Kiriakides

Finance Vice President: Joanna Lilly

Finance Assistant: Carly Grace Bodge

Property Manager: Rivers Chandler

Merchandise Co-Chairs: Emily Bryant and Emily Daly

Director of Standards and Ethics: Sara Sargent

Scholarship Chair: Baylee Cline

Co-Chaplains: Emily Gaskins and Grace Pouch

Spirit Chair: Sarah Traurig

Obligations Chair: Megan Johnson

Director of Social Enrichment: Grace DeWulf

Philanthropy Chair: Ella Marie Melton

Special Events Chair: Caroline Brazell

Music Chair: Katarina Johanson

Community Service Chair: Sarah Stevens

Ronald McDonald House Chair: Audrey Kellan

JLF Chair: Beth Chard

Panhellenic Delegate: Abby Palmquist

Assistant Panhellenic Delegate: Jordan Barnes

Intramurals Chair: Pi Chi

Campus Events Chair: Arrington Schultz

ClemsonLIFE Chair: Mary Catharine Mauney

ClemsonLIFE Assistant: Jessica Den Haese

Out with the old, in with the new

This past year, we have been so blessed by the leadership of our President, Caroline Cavendish. She has served our chapter so well, and now we are excited for Emory DeVolder to take over as our 2019 President.

a word for caroline

“When I was first appointed as Director of Standards and Ethics, I had never really talked to Caroline. Advisors told me that Caroline and I would quickly become really close and they sure were right. Caroline is trustworthy, fun, outgoing, and motivated. She is everything I could have asked for in a president and was amazing to serve under! Caroline and I relied on each other a lot through the past year and although she is involved in so much else on campus, she was always present and happy to serve ADPi! Caroline is such a great leader and served our chapter so well through her two years on exec.” -Marlena Heracklis, Director of Standards and Ethics (2018), AC ‘16

Incoming President Emory DeVolder (AC ‘16) + Outgoing President Caroline Cavendish (AC ‘15)

Incoming President Emory DeVolder (AC ‘16) + Outgoing President Caroline Cavendish (AC ‘15)

A word from Emory

“When I decided to run for EVP a year ago, it was because of the joy this chapter has brought me and I knew I wanted to give it back even a bit of what it has given me. As elections came around this fall, I knew in my heart I wanted to continue to lead this chapter. I am so excited because I get to serve as our chapter’s next President! I could not be more honored to serve in this role and am so excited to work with every member for another year. Throughout my time as President, I want to continue our current President, Caroline Cavendish’s incredible job of always thinking of what is truly best for the chapter. Caroline is admired across campus for her ability to make everyone feel special and her contagious energy. I have loved working with her over the past year and will strive to always keep in mind everything she has taught me. Over this next year, I really want to serve as a resource to this chapter. I will aim to help our chapter members become the best version of themselves and I know they will do the same for me each day. Zeta Nu is a special chapter because of its members. Each of the 249 women I am surrounded by is going to do amazing things in their lives and I feel so fortunate that I will get to serve them during their time at Clemson. The people I am surrounded by each day are what make me so incredibly thankful that I ran down the hill to Zeta Nu two and a half years ago.” -Emory DeVolder, President (2019), AC ‘16

Mallard Ball

“Mallard was a blast! It is always my favorite function for the comfy clothes, good food, and cowboy boots which are perfect for shag dancing. It was bittersweet knowing that this was my last ADPi function, but know that I’m leaving the sorority behind to a bunch of beautiful, intelligent, goofy, and fun women makes it a little sweeter.” -Faith Stevens, AC ‘15

“I didn’t think that I could have more fun than I did at Mallard last year, but after this year I was proven so wrong. From “swing dancing tutorials” in the kitchen of my date’s house before the function with all of my friends, to eating the BEST mac & cheese at Sleepy Hollow, to shutting down the dance floor, it was truly a night to remember. I always joke around saying that you will never catch me in camo, but I will always make an exception for Mallard. It is my favorite function and where I have the best memories with my friends! I’m already looking forward to next year!” -Abby Cowsert, AC ‘17

That's a wrap on the months of October and November! Make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more of our sisterhood this upcoming year and to know when our next blog post is up!