December + January Recap

Tatum Sass + Aya Peterson (AC ‘17)

Tatum Sass + Aya Peterson (AC ‘17)

The past months have been so busy among our sisters! Read below for more details on a few of our chapter’s highlights from December + January.

Congratulations Class of 2018!

With the fall semester ending, we are proud of the dedication our sisters have to their studies which brought us back to #1 in grades in all of Clemson Greek Life with a chapter average GPA of 3.594! Talk about smarty pi’s, keep up the great work! As the semester ended, we not only celebrated another great semester, but also our sisters who graduated in December. Congratulations! We are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best in all your future endeavors! Always know you have a home here in Zeta Nu!


ACC Championship

At the beginning of December, the Clemson Tigers traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to play Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship to claim the title for the fourth year in a row, making the saying “Another Clemson Championship” even more true! It was such a fun weekend exploring a new city and some of our sisters' hometowns, even in the pouring rain!

Cotton Bowl

Our sisters traveled halfway across the country to cheer on the tigers as they played Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl play off game in Dallas, Texas. Before the game, our sisters got to explore the the Lone Star State including visiting Magnolia, shopping in Highland Park, seeing the Stockyard Cattle Drive in Fort Worth, and eating exceptional tacos of course!

National Championship

After yet another win, Clemson headed to the National Championship game in Santa Clara, California all the way across the country on January 7th, 2019. In California, our sisters saw the sights including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Redwood Forest, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, and many other gems of the west coast. Whether our sisters were watching from Clemson or from California, the victory was oh so sweet. The celebration continued as we watched the champions parade through downtown Clemson and end their journey with the presentation of the trophy where it all started, Death Valley!

Whether the Tigers were off to Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, or California, our sisters Julie Nierstedt and Caroline Cavendish were not far behind making the trek to all fifteen games in our 2018 National Championship football season. “Going to these games gave us such a great appreciation for Clemson and how special these 4 years of football have been that seriously no other student anywhere can compare to,” Julie said. Caroline agreed that not only was “the Clemson Family hands down the biggest fanbase at every single away game,” but that following the Tigers also meant so much to her “because I’ve grown up attending every single Clemson home game with my family, so Clemson football is something that’s always been close to my heart.”
As the sun sets on the winning scoreboard of their senior season, the memories made will still last for a lifetime. “Even though this season couldn’t have been more perfect for the Tigers, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad as I flew back to South Carolina, realizing that I would never attend a game as a student again. Even though I know I’ll be back as an alum, closing this chapter of my Clemson experience was definitely bittersweet, but this season couldn’t have been any more unforgettable!” Caroline Cavendish PC ‘15 There’s nothing quite like getting to experience every second of the most perfect season in history alongside your best friend; thanks, ADPi.

More Travels

Although many of our sisters traveled for the Clemson Tigers, many traveled to other cities, towns, states, and even countries with their family and friends during the break. From the wintery weather of Chicago and Colorado, to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, Cancun, Costa Rica and Haiti our sisters were making memories and making an impact!

During the month, our sisters Bridgett Hicks and Caroline Trembly went on mission trips where they gave their time, energy and hearts to the communities, leaving lasting impacts on their lives!

“The mission of Filter of Hope, in Haiti, provides clean water to families in desperate need, and along with the clean water, to provide the message of hope we can find in God. And that is exactly what we did! We worked with a local church in Haiti, going door to door in communities to distribute water filters and educate people on how to install and maintain their filters. The beautiful people of Haiti taught me pure joy and true happiness. For people with so little, surrounded by so much poverty, they love so hard and radiate God’s love. They showed me just how amazing the life He gave us really is! Despite coming from two different worlds, speaking two different languages, and having seemingly little in common, sharing a love for one God and joining together in worship made me feel a whole new level of unity and community.” -Bridgett Hicks AC ‘17

Bridgett Hicks (AC ‘17) in Haiti

Bridgett Hicks (AC ‘17) in Haiti

Caroline Trembly packed her bags for Costa Rica with Clemson Fellowship of Christian Athletes for a trip full of adventurous and faith-shaping fellowship. “My favorite and most crazy experience while serving in Costa Rica was traveling five hours by car and two hours by boat to get to a rainforest, where we hiked twelve miles to a church! We wore knee length boots while hiking around monkeys, sloths  and poisonous everything. The purpose of this hike was to meet a church of refugees who originally lived in Nicaragua, but were persecuted for their faith. To walk that far all to love on a church for an hour didn’t seem worth it at first, but that all changed when we saw the joy and kindness on that community’s faith. Difficult circumstances don’t have to steal our joy. I left that jungle experience realizing that I can always rejoice, even during hard seasons.” -Caroline Trembly AC ‘17

Caroline Trembly (AC ‘17) in Costa Rica

Caroline Trembly (AC ‘17) in Costa Rica

Miss Clemson University 2019!

Starting second semester off with some sparkle with our very own Anna Newton was crowned Miss Clemson University 2019, following in the high-heeled footsteps of her great aunt, who was the first Miss Clemson College in 1962! The pageant preparation process challenged contestants to raise money and volunteer for the Clemson Child Development Center, whose kids Anna quickly fell in love with and plans to continue supporting throughout the upcoming year. We couldn’t ask for a better ambassador for our amazing school or sorority; so proud of this sister. Congratulations, Anna!

“Winning this title and representing not only this school, but more importantly the people that make Clemson so exceptional, is truly a dream come true. It means so much that I get to be a spokesperson for the excellence that Clemson brings to the table. This experience has made such an impact on my Clemson story and will continue to do so throughout my year as Miss Clemson University.”

-Anna Newton AC ‘16

Anna Newton (AC ‘16)

Anna Newton (AC ‘16)

That's a wrap on the months of December and January, we’re so excited the new year with our sisters! Make sure to keep up with us on social media to see more of our sisterhood this upcoming year and to know when our next blog post is up!