April Recap + HAPPY SUMMER!

Jayden Barnes & Cely Elrod, Alpha Class ‘18

Jayden Barnes & Cely Elrod, Alpha Class ‘18

April has been filled with so many events and activities for Zeta Nu! From our most important and influential philanthropy event, the JLF Golf Tournament, sisterhood events, more RMH visits in Greenville, the spring game and our two day function “Dancing through the Decades”, it’s safe to say that lots has been happening! Read below for more details on the highlights from this past month!

JLF Golf Tournament


This April we started off the month with the annual JLF Memorial Golf Tournament on April 6th at the Walker Golf Course in Clemson, South Carolina! What a special day for the Farrell family and our chapter! With the help of our JLF chair, Beth Chard, Clemson Alpha Delta Pi was able to host this event for the very FIRST TIME! — We are beyond blessed and thrilled to have had this opportunity to raise around $25,000 for the Jennifer Farrell Endowment Fund, RMH and the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation.

BEth chard, Alpha class ‘16

“It was an honor to lead the JLF Golf Tournament! Working on such a big even really pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me become a better leader. I know that this is an event I will remember for the rest on my life! The Farrell family is so appreciative of all Zeta Nu ADPi members coming together to make this event a success! We raised about $25,000 that will benefit the Jennifer Farrell Endowment Fund, RMH, and the ADPi Foundation! Remembering Jennifer’s legacy  brings our chapter together and reminds me of what a great organization I am a part of!”

Mary Claire Zimmerman, Alpha class ‘17

“Each year, the JLF Memorial Golf Tournament honors and celebrates the life of a former Alpha Delta Pi sister. I’ve been humbled to participate in supporting such a great cause. I was able to play in the tournament the first year and then this year work as the Tournament Day coordinator under Beth. Fortunately Clemson ADPi is able to support many people by hosing the special event!”

Spring Ring Ceremony

This year’s Spring Ring Ceremony was held on Sunday, April 7th at LittleJohn Coliseum. It was such a special and memorable day for all our sisters who received their Clemson rings! It is such an honor to be able to wear one of the most recognized college rings in the country, one that represents many amazing legacies. What made it even more special was getting able to do all of it with our sisters by our side. Definitely a day we won’t forget!

Kelly Cabaniss, Alpha class ‘16

“The ring ceremony is already a special day to be a part of because we are receiving a lifelong symbol of the Clemson Family. This experience became even more special because I got to share it with the sisters that Clemson and Alpha Delta Pi have given me. Whenever I look down at my hand it will be a reminder of the lifelong friendships I’ve made at this amazing University!”

CAssidy lindler, Alpha clasS ‘16

“The ring ceremony was such a unique and special experience for me. I am so thankful to now have a ring that symbolizes my love for Clemson and all the memories I’ve made here with my best friends! We all met up afterwards and were so excited to show off our rings and take fun pictures to help us always remember this day.”

Marlena HEralackis, Alpha clasS ‘16

“To me, the ring ceremony is so meaningful because you finally receive something that brings back all the memories from your time at Clemson.  Walking across the stage, shaking President Clements’ hand, and finally getting to put the most beautiful ring on your finger sets the stage for the first round of ‘lasts’ at Clemson. Getting my ring truly made me realize that graduation is so much sooner than I expected and reminded me to cherish every moment of my time at Clemson, especially with my sisters!”


We love Two-Day Functions! This year’s two day theme was “Dancing through the Decades”! The first night was held at the Lighthouse at Lake Keowee. It was Gatsby themed which means all the glitter, sparkles and feathers (ooh la la)! What a fun way to spend these last few nights dressed up with our sisters! On night two we threw it back to the 90’s and were decked in denim and scrunchies… Ending the school year with a bang!

Last Ronald McDonald House Visit of the Year

Throughout the month, our sisters have opportunities to serve at the Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas in Greenville, SC! This is such a sweet chance that we have to love and make an impact on these families, and it brings smiles to our faces to get to spend time with them. Each trip we make either a home-cooked dinner or cookies for the families to enjoy. It warms our hearts to have this opportunity to be hands on for our philanthropy and we are so proud of our RMH chair who organizes all these trips for our chapter, thank you Audrey for all your hard work! Read more below from Madeline and Mary Kathryn’s visits to the house, and from Audrey’s experience and reason for becoming our RMH chair. Ronald McDonald House, you hold a special place in our hearts forever!

Anna Rhett Allen, Alpha clasS ‘18

“The opportunity I have to go to RMH with all my sisters is such a fun experience! Being able to make cupcakes for the sweet families there is extremely special. Something I love about ADPi is how we always do our very best to give back to the community and we are able to be apart of something greater than ourselves. The Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas is a great place to do that while spending time with your sisters!”

Mary Crosby Spiers, Alpha clasS ‘18

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve at the Ronald McDonald house with my sisters. It was such an incredible experience, and so much fun making cupcakes for the families. Along with making treats, it’s so great to spend quality time and serve with my sisters that I don’t get to see everyday. It’s so special that ADPi is able to give back by serving families and making fun treats for them!”

Leadership Consultant Visit

This month, Zeta Nu got to know and host our Leadership Consultant, Tara Innab! She met with each of our officers and gave us wonderful feedback and ideas of how we can improve our chapter. Throughout the week she was able to mentor us over many lunches and dinners, and we showed her some of our Clemson favorites, The Smokin’ Pig and Pot Belly Deli! This made for a very fun visit! Tara, we enjoyed the week so much and are so thankful for your mentorship— Zeta Nu loves you!

Kendall goedeke, Alpha clasS ‘17

“It was so special to have LC Tara visit Zeta Nu! Hearing her advice and getting to talk with her about what we are working on as a chapter was so beneficial for all of us officers. Tara was a leader in her chapter and it was great to hear about that and how she became a Leadership Consultant as well!”



Clemson Greek Life Awards was such a memorable night for Zeta Nu! Not only did we win the following Excellence Awards, but we were awarded CHAPTER OF THE YEAR out of all the chapters on campus! We are proud of our to be apart of the Zeta Nu legacy and hope to continue to make an impact on campus and nationally for Alpha Delta Pi. We hope to be able to become even braver, stronger, and bolder throughout the year!

2018 Clemson Fraternity & Sorority Life Excellence Awards:

Alumni Development, Campus Involvement and Leadership, Chapter Development,

Philanthropy and Service, + Scholastic Achievement

Newest Involvement on Campus

Charlotte Ann Beers, Emily Lenning & Sarah Stevens, Alpha Class ‘18

Charlotte Ann Beers, Emily Lenning & Sarah Stevens, Alpha Class ‘18

Young Life Placement- Emily Lenning, Charlotte Anne Beers, Sarah Stevens + Emily Gaskins

Student Alumni Council- Delaney Dowling

IPTAY Student Advisory Board- Anna Rhett Allen, Mary Whit Blakeney, Lizzie Kennedy + Jess Den Hasse

Order of Omega- Sara Sargent, Tatum Sass, Lauren Anderson, Katherine Blackwood, Grace DeWulf, Caroline Lamb, Sallie McLeod, Ella Marie Melton + Sarah Reynolds

Clemson Undergraduate Student Government- Libby Milano (new member of Senate) + Marlena Heracklis (Elections Director on President’s Cabinet)

ClemsonLIFE Executive Board- Anna Rhett Allen Workout Buddies Coordinator

Emily Gaskins, Alpha clasS ‘18

“Being a Young Life leader so far has been an absolute joy! Meeting new people and hanging out with high schoolers is truly a blast! Thankful this is now a part of my college experience!”

Libby milano, Alpha clasS ‘18

“I am so excited to serve my second term on Senate as the Vice Chair of the Finance & Procedures Committee! I love being able to serve Clemson, as well as my sisters through my role. I could not have been elected without the encouragement and support of Alpha Delta Pi! I am so grateful to be a member of a sorority that is passionate about getting involved on campus, serving Clemson University, and supporting each other.”

delaney dowling, Alpha clasS ‘17

“Student Alumni Council embodies exactly what it means to be Ever Loyal as a student. I’m so honored to be apart of an organization that loves Clemson with a true understanding of what’s in these hills. My favorite people serving my favorite place.”

Delaney Dowling AC ‘17, Abby Martin AC ‘15, Caroline Cavendish AC ‘15, Carman Franklin AC ‘15, Cameron Gaubert AC ‘16

Delaney Dowling AC ‘17, Abby Martin AC ‘15, Caroline Cavendish AC ‘15, Carman Franklin AC ‘15, Cameron Gaubert AC ‘16

That's a wrap on April for Zeta Nu! Make sure to keep up with us this summer on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more about what we’re up to and find out when our next blog post is up!