Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Caroline Cavendish (AC '15)

Caroline Cavendish (AC '15)

Caroline Cavendish, President, Ac '15

I would say that I had a hard time choosing which university I would attend as a high school senior, but that really wasn’t the case. Both of my parents attended Clemson, and growing up, even after visiting other schools, I couldn’t wait to call Clemson home. I grew up visiting Clemson with my family for every home football game and on any other chance I got to go to ‘55 Exchange for ice cream. Some may think that the “I grew up knowing I’d go to Clemson just like my parents” story is typical for a lot of Clemson students, but that is the exact reason why I love this school so much- the family. I got to experience a small taste of the “Clemson family” growing up, but since becoming a student, I have experienced it everyday since then. I owe this, in large part, to joining ADPi.

I knew that I wanted to join greek life when I got to Clemson because I had grown up always being involved in something. I promised myself that I would keep an open mind throughout the entire process, and really enjoyed getting to experience what each different chapter had to offer. I was immediately drawn to ADPi for a multitude of reasons. Not only did at least someone in each round make me laugh until I almost cried, but each and every girl that I talked to was extremely involved on campus outside of ADPi, which made me know that I would be joining a community of leaders if I joined the chapter. Our chapter has a member involved in almost every organization on campus. I was also extremely impressed with the fact that Zeta Nu continually ranked in the top two of grades on campus, while still managing to be so involved in other things. It was obvious to me that every girl in the room was passionate about being an ADPi, and as awkward as I was (and still am), I felt at home every time I entered the room.

One of the best things I have gotten out of being an ADPi is a sisterhood of people who encourage me daily. My Clemson experience would not be the same without being a part of the Student Alumni Council or the Clemson University Guide Association. I found out about both of these organizations through ADPi after hearing older girls talk about their involvement in these groups and encouraging me to apply. I also most likely never would have served on the executive council of ADPi if it weren’t for the encouragement of the girls who served before me and our amazing advisors. This summer, I got to attend the wedding of the president who served before me, and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to! Larkin’s encouragement has been a huge part of my ADPi experience.

ADPi has given me people to travel to Honduras and build a school with, travel to Italy to study abroad with, and road trip to away football games with. ADPi has given me a friend that stuck with me on bid day and then turned into my roommate on the hall, and friends to dance in our living room with to High School Musical way too often. This summer, I am doing a creative marketing internship at a sports recruiting firm in Charlotte and living with Ally, one of my best friends in ADPi. From being the most extra people in the Chi O wing eating contest, to eating embarrassing amounts of meatballs at formal, the friends I have made in ADPi are friends that I will have for a lifetime. I know that I have surrounded myself with girls who will continue to encourage me everyday just by being who they are.

When I traveled to Dallas the past two years for Adelphean Compass and to Kingsport, Tennessee for District Leadership Conference, I felt so much pride in telling other chapter presidents that I was a member of Zeta Nu because of the women who make up our chapter. I feel this same sense of pride when I wear ADPi letters on campus because I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of girls. I’m sad that this is my last year to go to Mallard ball and my last year to spend at Clemson with my sisters in ADPi, but I can’t wait to come back in August and add to our amazing sisterhood!

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