Sister Spotlight + Why ADPi

Lacy Hylton (AC '16)

Lacy Hylton (AC '16)

Lacy Hylton, AC '16

For me, this summer is full of all things dental related! I just got back from a two week long pre-dental/pre-medical missions trip in Panama with Clemson ISL. While in Panama, I stayed at a convent completely run by nuns with weak wifi, no AC, no hot water, and lots of bugs. I went on two different house tours with my peers along with our ISL translators and leaders. On the first, we went door-to-door in one rural community taking the citizens’ dental history and letting them know about the free clinic we were having in their community. The other tour we did was at a big church in the city where we did the same thing while the citizens were leaving church. The first free clinic we held was in the rural community where we basically did everything a dental hygienist here would do. We interacted with patients in Spanish, checked for their cavities, cleaned the plaque off their teeth, brushed, and flossed them. If the patient needed a filling or extraction (which most of them did) we sent them to the two Panamanian dentists working with us. I also got to shadow/assist these dentists where I actually got to pull my first tooth! In total, the pre-dental team treated 379 patients. We also got to explore a little bit by going to the Panama Canal and their children’s hospital along with doing other things like exploring through the city market, a mall, and picnicking on the water in the city. This trip was such an eye-opening experience that was so priceless. It really solidified my love for dentistry and helping those in need...I even got to do it alongside my sistaaa Kaylin Young (PC '16)! The rest of this summer I’ll be studying for the DAT for dental school, taking biochem online, and working for my orthodontist!

Since my summer is so full of dental-related things, I am anxiously awaiting August so that I can get started with recruitment and cheer! As a PNM, I knew that I wanted to go ADPi after the first round. The girls made me feel so comfortable and welcomed, which went a long way with me. Now being in ADPi, I’m constantly reminded of this every day. I have made some of my best friends through this sorority and would not want it any other way. I love ADPi because my sisters truly do “live for each other” and that is evident in everything they do. They are loyal, dedicated, passionate, intelligent, and really just so well-rounded. I love how these girls support me in all I do, push me to excel in school, and make sure that I save some time to have some fun. My favorite functions we have are definitely Mallard Ball and Formal! I think everyone loves a good shag in camo and getting all pretty with your sistas. So far, one of my favorite things about being in ADPi was living on the hall last year because I was able to become so close with so many people. The night before we all left to go home, all of my friends took our mattresses and put them in one person’s room to have one final sleepover before we all got split up for the summer. Thankfully, I’ll be living with three of them next fall and I can’t wait!

I’m so thankful for ADPi and all the opportunities it has presented me with and all that it will continue to present me with, even after Clemson. I love all of the good it allows us to do for our surrounding community through the Ronald McDonald House and many more organizations. I can’t wait to be back in Clemson with my sisters getting ready for recruitment and making more life-long memories!

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