Recruitment + BID DAY 2018


Happy Fall! It’s so crazy that it has been a month since Bid Day. Now that we’ve had time to settle into school and start to get to know our new members, we wanted to reflect on this year’s recruitment and share the experience with you! Zeta Nu welcomed 67 new members into our chapter on August 19th and we love them already! Continue reading to hear about or Spirit Weekend and recruitment prep, the week of recruitment rounds, and bid day!

Spirit Weekend

Our chapter came together and prepared to meet all 1,069 Potential New Members (PNMs) the weekend before rounds started. Led by our Recruitment and Marketing Vice President (RMVP) and Formal Recruitment Chair (FRC) we practiced cheers and conversations for the upcoming week and studied the specifics of each round in depth. Our Spirit Chair, Lizzie Kennedy, came up with a contest to find the most enthusiastic girl in each pledge class throughout spirit weekend and recruitment. Here were the winners:

Lilly Turner, AC ‘15 (left)

“The best part of recruitment is not the cheering, not the bid day glitter, not the Mallard Ball rap we sing during preference round that has us all giggling; it is the deep bond that you find by talking to the girls in your sisterhood as you go through this crazy experience. I have always found that the chapter is always tighter after recruitment season. The newest Delta class seems less foreign, and their encouraging smiles and excitement for meeting the potential new members is infectious. The senior Delta class seems less daunting, with their stories of recruitment past and the nostalgic stories of their first bid day, when they were standing at the top of Bowman Field, ready to run to the first and finest. This feeling of sisterhood paired with the fabulous leadership presented by individual chapter members willing to step up and encourage others is what drives recruitment. It is not about finding perfect girls to fit into the perfect sisterhood. It is about falling in love with your chapter all over again, finding things in common with sisters you do not know as well, and making every potential new member that walks into the round realize just how special the Zeta Nu sisterhood is. I believe that my chapter is special because each member is full of joy and shines in her own unique way. We become stronger each year because the newest Alpha class always adds a little more flair. We are consistent in bringing in new members who are a little different than the year before. That is exactly what makes us the perfect chapter, and what makes me happy to be this year’s ‘Most Pi or Die’ senior pledge class member.”

Emily Anne Godbold, AC ’16 (RIGHT)

“ADPi spirit weekend and recruitment means reuniting with all of my sisters after summer! Everyone is always so excited to recruit the next pledge class. I personally get so excited!! As a junior this year, I knew I needed to bring the hype and get our sorority excited about recruitment and the semester ahead. Winning most spirited junior was an awesome award that definitely took a lot of energy. I lost my voice and I got my cardio in by running around and jumping up and down. The best part of pumping up the energy was seeing all the smiles and laughter from my friends! Being energetic and spirited always makes the week way more fun! I always enjoy encouraging my sisters and bringing it on, and ADPi definitely has spirit!”

Pi Chi

“Winning most spirited of our pledge class was such an honor! I think it goes without saying that all of our girls had some SERIOUS spirit all throughout spirit weekend and during rounds all week! Recruitment was one of the most exhausting but rewarding things I’ve done this year! ‘Pi or die’ took on a whole new meaning for me when I was going to bed at 3 am and waking up at 4:30 am!!! ;) Of course, the work was worth it because we got the best pledge class!”


BID DAY was the BEST DAY! Our Bid Day committee put together the theme of “All Our Diamonds Shine” and planned the best brunch for everyone after the new members ran down Bowman Field. Enjoy hearing from three of our new Alphas and seeing all of our pictures below!


Chandler Morris, freshman

“Bid day was one of the most exciting days ever!!! It was so rewarding to run home to a sorority that has been my dream ever since I could remember!! Getting decked out in blue and sparkles was so much fun, and I am so happy to now be a part of the first and finest sisterhood!!!”


Kylie Van Horn, sophomore

“Bid day was so special for me because I had just transferred here and was really looking to find that great group of friends that I didn’t have at my last school. Opening my bid from ADPi was THE BEST because once I went to sisterhood and philanthropy round, I saw how much y’all cared for each other and knew that I wanted to run to down to ADPi on bid day and call you my forever friends and sistasss.”


Julia Daniel, freshman

“Opening my envelope and seeing that I had received a bid from Alpha Delta Pi is a memory I will cherish forever. I will never forget the amount of happiness and excitement I felt as I ran down the hill to my new home. On Bid Day, I was welcomed with open arms and have felt nothing but love from my new sisters! From that day on, I knew that ADPi was the perfect place for me!”

That's a wrap on all things recruitment! We are SO thankful that we had such a great experience and can’t wait for next year! Make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more of our sisterhood this upcoming year and to know when our next blog post is up!