A lot’s going on here for ZN!

Lee McCutchen, Olivia Jaramillo + Berkley Bryant (AC ‘19)

Lee McCutchen, Olivia Jaramillo + Berkley Bryant (AC ‘19)

The beginning of this semester has been just a little BUSY — from our first function, to trips to RMH, First Friday Parade, Big/Little Diamond Sister Reveal, Family + Alumnae Cocktail to our Pi Spike Tournament, we have been having such a fun time with our sisters! Scroll down to read more about what we’ve been up to the past couple months!

$5 Prom

We kicked off the semester and first function of the year with one of our all-time favorites— $5 PROM! Nothing like some fun goodwill trips to find that perfect dress with your sisters! As we got ready together and traded scrunchies and chokers, this night was one to remember! Read below about Lindsey’s first function experience as an Alpha and Alexis’ last $5 prom as a senior!

lindsey meltzer, ac ‘19

“Going to my first function as an ADPi was an incredible experience. All of my new sisters were so welcoming towards me and the other Alphas! It was so fun getting ready and taking pictures together!”

alexis Kiriakides, ac ‘17

“Can’t believe it was my last $5 Prom! It is definitely one of my favorite ones of this semester and it was so fun to spend it with all my seniors. We all had such a fun time trading around dresses and getting ready together!! I’m going to miss doing that.“

First Friday Parade

WHAT A FRIDAY! Nothing like having the opportunity to participate in the annual First Friday Parade along with tons of other organizations on campus. Shoutout to our First Friday Co-Chairs, Jordan + Jayden Barnes for helping organize it! Read below for a word from both of them.

jayden + Jordan barnes, first friday co-chairs, Ac ‘18

Jordan + Jayden Barnes, AC ‘18

Jordan + Jayden Barnes, AC ‘18

“Being able to serve as First Friday Co-Chairs with my twin sister, Jayden, was a great experience. It took me back to high school when Jayden and I used to be captains of our cheerleading team. Since then we haven’t really been able to work together like we used to. Being in separate majors we have different classes so we aren’t studying together like we used to in high school. So, being able to hold this position with her was so much fun! We were able to design the tank top and paint the banner together.lanning the whole parade in general was great with her by my side! The First Friday parade turned out so wonderful and we had so many of our sisters there on Friday representing our chapter so well! I also loved meeting all the new Alphas when we were passing out tank tops and scanning them in at the parade. I could not have asked for a better First Friday or a better chapter to spend it with!”  - Jordan Barnes, AC ‘18

“I loved being able to work with my sister as well as our Alumni Relations Co-Chairs. I think we make a pretty good team! I also loved being able to feel more of a part of our chapter by taking on this role and representing ADPi at the First Friday Meetings. We got the opportunity to learn more about this Clemson tradition and had the most fun helping plan the parade. It was a great experience and it makes me love ADPi and the uniqueness of our chapter even more!" - Jayden Barnes, AC ‘19

Big Little Diamond Sister Reveal

The couple weeks following Bid Day, each new Alpha was assigned a “Pi Pal” each week that was a Delta Member. Every week would consist of different fun dates like Spill the Beans, game nights, or walks on the dikes with our Pi Pals — it was such a fun time to get to know and spend time with all our new girls! After a few weeks of Pi Pal dates, Big/Little Diamond Sister Reveal took place on Bowman Field where each Alpha member ran home to their big diamond sister + family! Everyone was lined up in order and ran to the Delta sister who matched the number on your back… It was such a fun and special moment for all of us!

Mary Kathryn Corley, New Member Coordinator, AC ‘17

“Diamond Sister Reveal was such a special day for AC ’18 and AC ’19! The friendships these girls made with one another are friendships that will last a lifetime. I was able to get to know all of the Alphas and Deltas throughout this process and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing!”

Sallie Mcleod, membership education vice president, AC ‘16

“Being able to help with Diamond Sister Reveal was truly special and has been one of the most rewarding moments for me in my leadership roles within Alpha Delta Pi. I was the New Member Coordinator last year, which consisted of educating Alpha Class '18 and planning their Diamond Sister Reveal. It was amazing and humbling to be able to come full circle and see these sisters that I mentored receive their Little Diamond Sisters through my current role as Membership Education Vice President.”

Ashley Anderson (AC ‘19) + Mattie Lee (AC ‘18)

Ashley Anderson (AC ‘19) + Mattie Lee (AC ‘18)

Ashley Anderson, AC ‘19

“Diamond Sister reveal was so special to me because I have always wanted a big sister, and I finally got one when I got my big! It made it even more special that my fam made me feel so loved and welcomed.”

First RMHC Visit of the Year!

Our first trip to RMHC of the year and we were SO excited! We piled in two cars and made our way to Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas in Greenville, where we normally go every other week to make dinner or treats for the families in the house. Nothing like a midweek road trip to RMHC to make some tacos for these sweet families. Read below for some highlights from our sister Hadley!

hadley dowdle, ac ‘18

“RMHC is such a special place that embraces keeping families together in times of need. It’s a great feeling to be a part of something that can change a family’s life and keep them out of distress in a time where the family shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than spending quality time together. It is also so fun getting to spend these times making memories with my friends and sisters.”

Family + Alumnae Cocktail

Shoutout Kendall + Mairin for the most beautiful night at our Family + Alumnae Cocktail at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens!

Kendall Alford + Mairin Noonan, AC ‘ 16

Kendall Alford + Mairin Noonan, AC ‘ 16

mairin noonan, alumnae relations co-chair, Ac ‘16

“Kendall and I loved getting to plan this year’s Family & Alumnae Cocktail! I got to relive my glory days as social chair and Kendall got to make our vision come together with her extensive knowledge of the budget. Planning this event brought us even closer as friends and co-chairs, which we didn’t think was possible! Once we finally got to see everyone and their families enjoying the event and everything we worked for come together, it was such a rewarding feeling.”

Pi Spike

Finally time for our annual Pi Spike volleyball tournament! Our fall philanthropy event was held at GrandMarc Clemson and was a 6v6 beach volleyball tournament that ___ teams played in! It was such a fun night full of “summer feels” as we all got to play and watch beach volleyball, eat snow cones and jam to DJ Sha with our sisters! We love how we can all come together on a fun Friday night like this and raise money for RMHC! Special Shoutout to our Philanthropy Chair, Ella Marie Melton, who planned and organized this whole event for us— read below for a word from her!

Ella Marie Melton, philanthropy chair, Ac ‘17

“I am so happy to say that Pi Spike, our 2nd annual fall philanthropy beach volleyball tournament, was a great success! It was so much fun to be able to plan an event and see it come to life on September 27th! Every girl in our chapter contributed to the event by raising money for Ronald McDonald House, working a shift at the event, and getting a team signed up to play! The day was full of music, snow cones, food trucks, and friendly competition! Each team played their hardest and had fun doing so! I am so thankful for our chapters willingness to give their time and gifts to support the Greenville Ronald McDonald House. I also want to thank Grand Marc for hosting the event we could not have done it without their generous support!”

That's a wrap on the major highlights in August and September for Zeta Nu! Make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, VSCO, and Facebook to see more of our sisterhood this upcoming year and to know when our next blog post is up!